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Chapter 10: How Meditation and

Mindfulness Boost Health

Slow breathing, yoga rats and horror-stricken leukocytes


longer telomeres

Long-term meditators have longer telomeres. They also breathe slower and blink less

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Watch Jon Kabat-Zinn talk about mindfluness


Thorbjørn Knudsen, yoga master turned business school prof, at a lab in Germany undergoing a brain activity scan while engaged in yoga breathing

At Oxford MediStress office in London -- ready for my leukocyte-meditation challenge

  • Are some types of yoga / meditation better for longevity?

  • Can a gratitude journal really help you live to 100?

  • How does meditation change your brain?

  • Why can meditation help you avoid flu?

  • Why is watching horror movies a bad idea when you are sick?

  • Answers to these questions (and much more!) in the book

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