Joshua Becker, author "The More of Less"

"Growing Young is a smart, fresh take on longevity. Deeply researched, fascinating and engaging, it offers readers useful advice on how to maximize their lifespan, in easy, practical and unexpected ways.”

Richard Wrangham, professor of anthropology at Harvard University, author "The Goodness Paradox"

“Growing Young tells us how to have a long and happy life: Never stop learning and growing. Marta Zaraska’s recipes may come from the frontier of research, but it is based on such an elegant distillation of the science that Growing Young is as fascinating as it is persuasive.”

Emeran Mayer, author "Mind-Gut Connection"

“Growing Young is one of the best books I have read on the topic of the mind and its interconnectedness with our body and other human beings.”

Greg McKeown, author "Essentialism"

Marta Zaraska’s Growing Young shows that what matters most is what helps us live the longest! This accessible, well-researched, and thoughtful book is essential reading.

Claire Armistead, The Guardian

"The statistics Zaraska has unearthed to support her thesis are startling"

Dan Buettner, author "Blue Zones"

“Finally, a lifestyle book that transcends diet and exercise as solutions for living longer. This well-researched book shows us the subtle power of community and connection as tools for a quest to live to 100.”  

Shawn Anchor, author "Big Potential"

“The more we learn about the human body, the more we realize how powerful the connection between happiness and health is. Research-based, practical and insightful, Growing Young makes this relationship come to life. A must-read.”

Adam Grant, author "Give and Take"

“An unusually intriguing and useful read about how our psychology affects our longevity. If you care about the length and quality of your life but can’t stomach yet another diet or workout routine, this book is for you.”

Adrienne, host "Power Hour Podcast"

“So many things to think about!"

Robin Dunbar, professor of anthropology at University of Oxford, author "How Many Friends Does One Person Need"

“Friendship is the most important journey we ever venture on. Read Marta Zaraska’s Growing Young and find out why.”