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Chapter 11: Longevity lessons

from Japan

Ikigai, cherry blossoms and working till you drop

Yamai wa ki kara

A Japanese saying: yamai wa ki kara - "sickness and health start with the mind"

Visiting the longevity village

"...Nagano prefecture, famed across the world for the Winter Olympics of 1998, has in recent years overtaken Okinawa as the Japanese epicenter of longevity. While in the early 2000s there have been many publications with the words “Okinawa” and “Diet” in their titles, you might soon start seeing books called the “Nagano Diet”......" [excerpt from Growing Young]


Nagano prefecture - the new capital of Japanese longevity


Plastic-wrapped vegetables and fruits at a local supermarket. My romantic image of rural, open food markets shattered...


Ponce de Leon take note: the longevity water can be found in Japan (Nagano prefecture) -- although after trying it, I have to say I haven't noticed any sudden rejuvenation...


Plastic food "menu" displayed in a restaurant in Tokyo. Diet is only part of explanation of Japanese longevity


A Japanese cemetery


Enjoying zen of Japanese gardens with my daughter

  • What's the role of genes in Japanese longevity?

  • How does Japan compare to US, Canada or UK on ikigai (meaning in life)?

  • Are Japanese people more likely to know their neighbors than Americans or Brits?

  • Why many Japanese researchers believe equality = longevity?

  • Can retirement be bad for heatlth?

  • Answers to these questions (and much more!) in the book

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